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Unity Tips and Tricks: Calculate distance between two objects.

The Unity Tips & Tricks tutorial series is for people who are interested in good tips for making games in unity.

This is a link describing calculating the distance between two objects. It is useful if you need to create camera boundaries, calculate distances between player characters, the ground, walls, and other things.

Unity Tips and Tricks: Playing a Spine2D Track Entry at Modified Speed

I came across this article showing how to play a trackentry on a Spine2D game object within Unity.

Spine2D is a software package made by a company called Esoteric Software which we are using to create our newest game.

The code below can be used to change your Character’s animation speed during runtime.

SetAnimation(0, “animation”, true).timeScale = 0.5f;

This link leads to the topic thread on the Spine2D website.

Git Error: Another Process Seems to be Running

I exited out of the Git terminal after pressing a command by accident. This caused an interesting error message to appear.

The way out of this is answered in this stack overflow page

My “git add .” command succeeded after navigating to the directory and removing the file in the manner suggested above.

Making Unity Prefab Creation a Habit

I often find myself during development slipping back into bad practices and having to beat good ones into my head.

A good habit for game development in Unity is making prefabs. Prefabs ensure that you are following the principle of DRY.

In the case of game objects, this includes everything from Characters, Enemies, Platforms, Weapons, Scripts and anything you will have to use more than once (which in Game Development is a lot of things).

Prefabs are useful, and I am trying to force myself into writing reusable code.

Here is a short tutorial on YouTube showing How to create Prefabs in Unity.

I am also keeping a list of the tutorials I am using throughout my project on YouTube.