Import a Character into Unity from Spine2D

This video – Spine2D Unity Setup: Søren Juul Øllgaard – shows you how to implement Spine2D characters into Unity.

Spine2D is a 2d animation studio made by Esoteric Software.

For the most part, we animate everything inside of Spine, add events to specific keyframes (see this video about Spine-Unity Events) and then import the Spine Character Model into Unity.

You can essentially control the character’s animations from within any C# Script provided that you insert the correct libraries. You do need to download the Unity Run time library (it can be downloaded here).

There are more tutorials out there on this topic, but the best bet is to look on YouTube.

Game Dev Log: Super Sprite Fighter (2019/08/04) – Simona the Vampire Hunter

Evergreen Games has been actively developing Super Sprite Fighter since April 2018. Before active development began, there was about a year of pre-development that took place including concepting characters, finding a character artist (Alex Lenzon), finding an animator (Beau Breems), learning Unity and essentially an entire journey while trying to navigate how to actually finish a game.

Currently, we are finishing animations in Spine 2D for the first four playable characters and polishing the physics engine. Our goal is to produce a local, fun, multiplayer experience.

The characters shown in these updates also have animations which will be uploaded to the site incrementally to show the game development process at Evergreen Games and development of Super Sprite Fighter.

Simona the Vampire Hunter

  • Simona’s father, ruler of the great kingdom of Midia, led his kingdom through decades of war into an eventual time of peace. It was during this time that Adriella, the Queen of Vampires, hatched a plot in secret with Tynecius, then the Lieutenant to the King, to overthrow Simona’s father and take the Kingdom. The plot spread to infect the officers of the King’s army, and the group betrayed the king, stabbing him several times in the heart. The murderous plot to overthrow her father forced Simona into hiding. Trained in the ways of battle by her father, Simona leads a small contingent of soldiers still loyal to her father. She fights to protect those loyal subjects still faithful to her family name while also seeking revenge on the traitorous Lieutenant and Adriella, who now sits on her father’s throne.